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 This day Ove and I were on a day trip with PRO seniors. We went to a village 20 kilometres from our town and visited a little flower shop there they also had garden art. The owners of the flower shop had such a sweet dog. He wanted to be pet and felt happy when I pet him. 

And we visited a church. I liked that church very much. There is a lake behind the church. 

After that we had a good lunch in an old mansion. We got Västerbottens paj = a quiche with Västerbotten cheese. Fresh vegetables, cold sauce, chopped red onion to the food. Västerbotten is the landscape there we live. 

We got the dessert in an ice cream restaurant, also in the country. The couple who own the restaurant have cows. And they make ice cream of the milk from the cows. and you can get all kind of taste. Blueberry, strawberry lemon, and so on. 

The weather was cooler that day with hard west wind but the terrace was on the sunny side of the house and in shelter of the wind. So we could sit there. And from the terrace we had a gorgeous view over the Vindel River. I told before in LJ how I love the Vindel River and that we made trips to it. 

After we had our ice cream, the buss driver drove us to Vännäsby there they have a  house named "Handicraft house" This is also by the Vindel River, but nearer Umeå. There are many artists who have their craft in the house and you can buy it. It was so much fun to look at it. But I did not buy anything. I was there some years ago with Ove in his car. The the weather was so nice and we were sitting in the garden behind the house. And then the sky was blue and the river was blue. 

But this time the weather was bad. We were lucky with the weather the whole day. But it was getting cloudy and the west wind wad stronger. Nobody in the group was outside and looking at the river. But we went out. We both had our wind proof Fjällräven jackets. We had our hoods on. It was the wind who blew on our hoods on our heads :-D. It made me laugh. 

The river had rather big waves and looked grey. But it was interesting to see the river in this weather, even though I rather wanted a calm and blue river.  

We had such a lovely day and I feel thankful I could be on a day trip again, like I could do before. I enjoyed the landscape and the greenness from the bus window and while we were out of the bus. And I enjoyed the river and the things worth seeing. I hope later to make a whole site about this trip. 

Frogs in the garden shop

The lake Tavelsjö, behind the church

The food

Happy me. The Vindel River down the hill


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